Fitness diary #3

This week, I felt very bad. This had to do mostly with my hormones and with exams. This bad period affected my food intake but luckily, it was going better already near the end of the week.


Friday evening I went to a restaurant with my boyfriend for his dad’s birthday. I calculated everything in properly during the day, I didn’t eat too much and I had 1100 calories left. It was impossible to calculate everything. I had no idea which sauces were in the dishes. I didn’t worry about it too much. If I stayed within 1100 calories? I have no idea!
Saturday, everything went well. In the evening, I ate a scoop of ice cream at the Lokerse Feesten as a cheat of the day.
Sunday I wanted to start the day well with protein waffles but they failed so badly that I gave up. I had been tinkering for at least an hour to get the mixture off the waffle iron. After that, I just made a cheat day out of it because in the evening, we were having guests and it was hard to calculate my macros again.
Monday I started the day well but at night (you can guess it already), there was a party at my friends parents and I felt really bad that day. There was the second real cheat day!
Tuesday, breakfast were left overs from the day before and I didn’t even try to calculate because it was too hard. I still didn’t feel really good mentally, that’s why I decided that I wouldn’t be too hard on myself (yes you’re right, third cheat day)!
When I woke up on Wednesday, I finally felt better. I didn’t have a morning mood (like I have regularly) so that was a good start already. I calculated everything in and in the evening, I could even calculate an ice cream in (and that was also my only cheat)!
Thursday, my macros were perfect again. I have confidence in it again!


Saturday I started over the beginner yoga challenge from Kino. Because I am a little bit more experienced now, I did four videos.
Monday, I went to the gym with my boyfriend. I always think it’s nice when I have a companion to go train. We did a full body workout and I had a sick pump in my arms! We were both sore the next day. Tuesday, I did day 5, 6, 7 and 8 of th beginner yoga challenge. I notice some good progress already in comparison with the first time I did the videos, yippie!


Like I said before, I did very bad mentally at one moment this week. I had crying fits and after that I often binged. You can guess it already: I suffered from my hormones. Next to that, the studying is resenting to me but I don’t want to give up. Still I have to remind myself sometimes that life doesn’t consist of studying alone. I have to learn to not let it offend me so much.


Before and after my post workout shower

Goals next week

Next week I want to try to keep calm mentally. I noticed that yoga really helps me to controlF myself better in more difficult situations. I then think to myself ‘it’s not worth it to worry about it because that doesn’t take me anywhere’ and then I try to, in stead of fretting, think about something else.
I am going to try to stay within my macros but to me, my mental state is more important at the moment so I won’t worry about it too much if I don’t succeed for one day. I hope to go to the gym three times next week and to do yoga almost every day.

My week didn’t went very well but that means that next week can only go better! I go into the next week with a positive attitude!




Recipe healthy chili con carne

This week I could chose what we ate for dinner for once. Although my family thinks differently about it, I think that heatlhy eating can be at least just as delicious. That’s why I chose a bit heatlhier variant of chili con carne. And you know what? My family even liked it! (except my dad but I think that’s just on principle, haha).

chili 2

The macros for one portion with one wrap are: 575kcal 37p/72c/14f

What do you need (for two persons)

  • 1 onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 175 grams ground chicken
  • 2 teaspoons paprica powder
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon pili pili herbs
  • 200 grams kidney beans
  • Sambal (optional)
  • Wraps or couscous

How do you prepare it?

  1. Cut the onion and the tomatoes in pieces and press the garlic.
  2. Bake the onion and the garlic until they are starting to colour.
  3. Add the ground chicken, the paprica powder, the nutmeg and the pili pili herbs and bake the whole until the ground chicken is not pink anymore.
  4. Add the tomatoes, the kidney beans and the white beans.
  5. Let the chili stew for about half an hour. Stir from time to time
  6. Add pepper and salt to taste.
  7. Mix evertything well and put the lid on it.
  8. Serve the chili eventual with wraps or couscous. Personally, I think it’s most delicious with a wrap. If you want the chili a bit more spicy like me, put a bit of sambal on it.
  9. Enjoy!



Fitness diary #2

This week went well. Unfortunately, I am still studying. Luckily, I finally went to the gym again.


Unfortunately, Monday wasn’t a good start. I went with my friend to the Lokerse Feesten (unplanned) and I ate churros there. Very delicious but this didn’t fit my macros. Still I think that you need to eat what you feel like from time to time when you go out with friends. So I consciously chose to eat the churros and just eat less the rest of the week. This went very well.


The bottom picture is a picture from when I ate salad before we went to the Lokerse Feesten.


On Saturday I did the last yoga session of the beginner yoga challenge of Kino. Click here if you want to start as well. I began with the next classes the same day: the summer yoga course from Kino. These classes were only four days. Click here if you want to try it as well!
This week was also the end of the #backtobackbendz challenge. I loved the challenge but I think the level was a little bit too high for me.


On Tuesday I did a home workout from Abby Pollock. The workout was only half an our but it was super heavy! The next two days, I had a lot of muscle pain! Click here for the full workout.
Today, I finally went back to the gym. I did a full body workout. I was a bit afraid that I would have lost my strength because I didn’t go for weeks but luckily, I could still take the same weights! Only my triceps were a bit weaker.


Mentally, I didn’t do very well this week. I need to retake a lot of exams and I hadd a meltdown, especially because I studied a lot during the year and my hard work was unrewarded. Still I didn’t sit in a corner and feel sorry for myself. I go for it. I used to binge when I felt bad but now I turn to yoga. It helps me feel more relaxed. This is very good progress for me because most of the time, a binge made me feel even worse.
Like I said, I went to the Lokerse Feesten with a friend. It was nice to say bye to my books for a moment and have a nice evening with my friend.
Another nice break was when I went to grab an ice cream with my boyfriend. I could never say no to an ice cream!
Today, I finally went back to the gym and it felt so good! Afterwards I went shopping with my mom. ‘You needed it during these hard times’, she said haha. She was right.


Here you can see a picture of me with my new clothes (way too happy).

Goals next week

Next week, I think I am going to start over the beginner yoga challenge of Kino (Unless someone maybe knows something better I can do as a yoga beginner? Let me know!). I would love to become better so I still need to practice a lot. With my nutrition, I am satisfied. I want to try to look at my carbs and fats now because I have the feeling I am on the right track again. Next to that, I want to try to stay within my macros but in summer, I go out with my boyfriend or friends unplanned from time to time so I don’t think it’s a bad thing to go over my macros then and to compensate on other days.
I want to try to go to the gym a few times next week. During the exams I often do a home workout but I noticed that I really miss the gym. I really need a moment like that for myself (physically ánd mentally) and it feels good to go outside sometimes.

Conslusion: my week was ok but not super well. It will be better next week!



Recipe healthy vanilla pudding

You have probably seen my pudding on instagram very often already. I make it so often because I think it’s delicous and the macro’s are very good as well. In this blogpost I will tell you how to make it.

One pudding of 150grams contains 80kcal 15C 0,2F 4,8P.

What do you need?

  • 10 grams of imperial vanilla pudding powder
  • Stevia (I use pure stevia)
  • 140ml low fat milk (you can also use semi-skimmed milk

How do you prepare it?

  1. Mix the ingredients. Watch out with the use of stevia if you use pure stevia like me. You can make it too sweet very easily. It’s better to add too little and taste the mixture so you can add more if necessary.
  2. Cook the pudding. Don’t put the cooking fire too high and keep stirring or the pudding will burn. Don’t go do something else because the pudding boils over very easily.
  3. The pudding is ready when it becomes thick. (I like to eat it when it’s still warm)
  4. You can prepare the pudding in the microwave as well but like I said, it boils over very easily so I wouldn’t recommend it. If you still want to microwave it, start with just one minute.
  5. Tip: add a ‘speculaas’ cookie.



Fitness diary #1

To make my blog a bit more interesting, I thought it was time for something new. From now on, every friday I will share with you how my week went. I will mostly tell you about training and nutrition but also about my mental state. Hopefully, you will find this interesting and maybe it can help me as well to stay motivated. Here comes number 1!

This is now the second week that I am back in Belgium after traveling around in Thailand. The first week I was really suffering from a jetlag. I also needed to start studying so I didn’t train yet last week. Healthy eating went ok but on Sunday, I had a lot of stress and I had a little binge. What I noticed is that my binges are not very big. I used to binge and sometimes go 2000(!!) calories over my goal. This time, it was ‘only’ 700 calories.


I tried to compensate for the 700 calories that I went over on Sunday this week. I did ok so I think I will get there! I didn’t used to do this because I would stay in a guilty mood and I would go over my calories again. This of course is not recommended. Luckily, I did it without a guilty feeling this time. I just think about my goals! Last week, I had some trouble reaching my protein goal after not watching it for three weeks. That’s why my goal for this week was to reach my protein goal. This went well. One day, I was 26 grams short on protein but I was able to compensate this on other days. Of course it’s better to reach your goal every day but I try to be flexible. If I had a bad day, I tried to compensate a bit. As long as I don’t make myself feel guilty, it goes well and it’s a good way for me to reach my goals.

Beneath you can see a few breakfasts I ate this week. In the first picture you can see proats (protein and oats) with peanut butter. The second picture is a healthy apple cake and in the third one you can see protein pancakes.


After doing nothing for a few days and having a lot of stress from studying, I started exercising again. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I followed the blogilates calendar. Unfortunately on Thursday, I had too much muscle pain to do a workout but I think rest is at least just as important! I did do a yoga session from the beginner yoga challenge from Kino. I also did this on Wednesday. I also started participating in a yoga challenge this week namely #backtobackbendz.


Goals next week

Next week I want to try to do at least three workouts and at least three yoga sessions. Next to that, I want to try to reach my calorie and protein goal every day. At the moment, I don’t really look at my carbs and fats. I have become too obsessive with my nutrition sometimes and at the moment it isn’t necessary for me to have my carbs and fats on exactly on point.  I do take into account that I don’t go excessively over my carbs or fats but I try to be more flexible. I am not a professional bodybuilder and I am not planning to do a competition. My goal is now mostly to lose some fat and to retain my muscles but a perfect body, is not necessary for me.

All right, my first fitness diary is already done! Do you let me know if you find this interesting?




Why you shouldn’t take (my) instagram too seriously

Last week, I did an interview for someone’s thesis about health influencers on instagram. I got asked one question which remained with me: ‘Do you think your instagram is realistic?’. I didn’t need to think a second about my answer. In this blogpost I’ll tell you why.

The answer

Actually, I had never thought about this question but apparently it wasn’t necessary as well because my answer flopped out immediately. The answer was wholeheartedly ‘NO‘. I don’t think my instagram is realistic at all.

But why?

Instagram always tells you only a part of the story, namely the picture you post. What happened before or after the picture or even the rest of the day, nobody sees. Ok, I share some pictures on my story from time to time but even then you only see what I want to show. Not more, and not less either.

If you take a close look at my posts (like the girl from the interview noticed well), my posts fall into four categories. Below I will explain you per categorie why the pictures are not realistic.


Do I eat healthy most of the time? Yes. Do I post pictures of uneahtly food sometimes? Yes. Then why are my foodpictures not realistic? I often show pictures from food that looks good. Of course not everything I eat looks ‘pretty’. Sometimes I just eat a simple slice of bread with peanut butter, that I wouldn’t put on my instagram very quickly because it doesn’t appear pretty. I post pictures of ‘cheats’ from time to time but same story here. If I eat a slice of bread with nutella, I will not post it most of the time. I am not perfect as well so sometimes I have a few days or even a week that heatlhy eating isn’t going very well. Then as well I won’t show all my ‘cheats’ because my instagram is still about eating healthy. What I wíll often do is tell that I got off-track because I want to try to keep it real but then I don’t show it with a picture.


Fitness or yoga pictures

When I post fitness pictures, those are mostly taken during, right before or right after my training. For my yoga pictures, this is often not the case. I take yoga pictures when it suits me best. Sometimes I take pictures of a few poses while I actually didn’t even do yoga the rest of the day. Most of the time, the poses are from a yoga session I did earlier in the day or the day before. On my instagram it looks like I don’t do anything else than fitness and yoga. This is actually a distorted image as well. Of course I am not busy with fitness and yoga all day. I am a student so most of my time goes to going to classes and studing. In my free time I often do yoga and fitness but this is only a small part of my day while on instagram, it seems like I don’t do anything else. Most of the time, I train three times a week and I practice yoga at least three times a week.



No, my tranformationpictures are luckily not fake. Some people for example suck in their belly in the one picture and not in the other or pose better on the most recent one but with me that is mostly not the case. Still, I think my transformationpictures are not completely realistic. Why not? Well, you only see the good. You see: ‘wow, she lost a lot of weight!’ or ‘oh, she gained a lot of muscles’. What you don’t see is the moments it didn’t go very smoothly. The moments I wanted to give up, stop excercising and eat unhealthy. The moments I thought I would never get out of the vicious circle of guilty feelings (because you ate unhealthy you feel guilty which leads to eating unhealthy again to comfort yourself and then you feel guilty again…). The momets you think ‘Why am I trying to become better? I am good enough already.’. Everyone has those moments but on a transformationpicture you only see the result of what you díd do well. Luckily that is more than what you did bad, otherwise the transformation wouldn’t be there but every succes comes with ups and downs.



My other pictures like my travel pictures for example are not realistic either. The picture you see below is an example of this. I look happy and relaxed under my small waterfall. At that moment that was the case as well but what you can’t see is that the way to this spot wasn’t very easy. Right before the picture was taken, I bumped my toe into a rock which made it bleed. It was totally not too bad but it was a little annoying, haha. The other travel pictures are not realistic either. I always show beautiful places I’ve been but there were also less beautiful places which I didn’t show. The streets for example were often full of cockroaches. The spider that was as big as my hand that was in our room, I’d rather not show on instagram. I don’t want to scare anyone, right? Haha. Of course this is all part of it and in general, I enjoyed Thailand very much but hopefully now you can see that not everything was perfect.


So does it have to be different from now on?

I don’t think so. It’s impossible to take a picture of every moment in your life. When you talk to friends, you will never tell your whole life. You tell the things you remembered or you thought were fun. Of course you also tell about the bad moments, but only those you want to share yourself.
Like I said, you only show the things you wánt to show on instagram. I also think it’s important that your instagram looks nice. Who would follow an instagram page full of pictures of ugly and stupid things? Nobody, I suppose. Instagram is a way to share fun moments. Now and then, you will share something that was less fun but in general, people want to see positive things. That’s at least the case with me.

I hope that I was able to show a little bit that you don’t have to take (my) instagram too seriously. Instagram pictures are just a small part of reality. What do you think? Do you only share your best pictures?



My experiences in Thailand

Like my instagram followers all know, I went to Thailand for three weeks with my family and boyfriend. In this blogpost I will tell you about my experiences. Unfortunately, I can’t explain everything in one blogpost because it would become too long so I will tell you about the things I will remember the most. 
Our destinations were Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, Sukhotai, Chiang Mai, Pai and Hua Hin.


Our first destination in Thailand was Bangkok, that’s where the plain also arrived. What I noticed when I got off the bus was that you can smell the traffic.

In Bangkok, we often took the boat taxi to go from one place to another. When we arrived we first sailed to a restaurant of course (we were very hungry) where we ate good with a breathtaking view over Bangkok.



The coolest thing we did in Bangkok I thought was the guided biking tour. We biked through the whole city and not only urban part but also through small districts where very poor people lived and through coconut- and banana farms. 

We also visited temples and a lot of Buddha’s. Believe me, they have enough of them in Thailand! The most impressive Buddha I thought was the lying Buddha. In the temples, your shoulders and upper legs always need to be covered and you need to take off your shoes.
liggende buddha


We went to Kanchanaburi especially for the Erawan Waterfalls. What was very special is, that there are fish who come suck your feet the moment you go into the water. They eat your dead skin like you see little fish sometimes in beauty salons. We also saw a monkey!


In Ayutthaya we visited a lot of old buildings, among other things the cemetry of three kings from the old kingdom Ayutthaya. 


In Sukhotai, we visited a park with a lot of old temples, some of them with a remarkable influence of the hinduism. 

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai was our fifth destination. I noticed that Chiang Mai is very globalized. You can find McDonalds, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and KFC (which you can’t find in the rest of Thailand except in Bangkok). Personally, I didn’t see a lot of Chiang Mai (except for our wonderful hotel). We visited the night market but the rest of the time we were there, we were on a two day trip to the jungle.
The jungle trip was very adventurous. Unfortunately, we had a lot of rain and all our clothes were wet to the bone. Because it is very moist in Thailand, our clothes never dried out so when we woke up the next day, our clothes were still wet from the day before. Except for that we were wet, it was of course a wonderful experience! The view was very beautiful. We visited a waterfall where we could jump of the rocks and a cave with bats.
At night, the whole jungle group slept in a big bamboo hut. We also sailed on a river with a fleet and we went to an Elephant Rescue Centre. In the Rescue Centre were among other things elephants who had been used for transport. The reason why we didn’t ride the elephants was that many of those elephants are being mistreated but we could feed and wash them instead.



Pai was my favourite destination I think. We visited everything with a rental scooter. The nature in Pai is unbelievably beautiful! Sitting on the scooter and at the same time enjoying the view was amazing. We visited the natural hot srpings, a cave, a village where almost all Chinese people lived and the Pai Canyon. The Pai Canyon was a bit scary I thought (I have a small  fear of heights) but it was definitely worth it!


Hua Hin

Hua Hin was my least favourite location and I wouldn’t do it again. My parents chose this destination close to the sea because they wanted to relax during the last days. We (my boyfriend, my brothers and me) would rather have been out discovering as much of Thailand as possible. That’s why we decided to go to the zoo, visit a cave and go admire the Pranburi park.
Unfortunately, the zoo was a real disappiontment. Tigers and even babytigers are lying on super short chains as well as the elephants. You could enter the cage of the tigers to go cuddle them but then they were anaesthetized beforehand. It was very pathetic.
The cave and the Pranbur Park were luckily worth it. We wouldn’t have wanted to miss those two wonderful natural phenomenons. We also enjoyed the beach for one day but it didn’t have to be longer for us.


In general

What I really noticed in Thailand was that the people are very friendly, even though there is a lot of poverty. The people in Thailand are very grateful and we felt very welcome as a tourist. We think it’s mostly because of their belief, namely the buddhism.
The animals you see the most in Thailand (except for a lot of street-dogs and -cats) are geckos. Geckos don’t do anything but they eat insects which is very useful in Thailand. I was less fond of the spiders. They are big and sometimes there are coming  100 baby spiders out of it like it was the case with us. The cockroaches that were on the streets also were a bit less pleasant.
The streets in Thailand are full of street-dogs and -cats. They have scabs and fleas most of the time and there are so many you can’t take care of them all. They are also very dangerous for the trafic because some dogs just go lay down in the middel of the street.
Next to the dogs (an even cows sometimes!) that were lying on the street, the trafic was better than I expected. Of course there is a lot more chaos as in Belgium but luckily, the cars wouldn’t drive you over. The rules in Thailand are less severe though. Driving through a red light for example isn’t exceptional. It is also cheaper to pay a fine in Thailand for driving without an international driving license than to buy one in Belgium.
I like the food in Thailand very much but you need to watch what you eat. I, for example, always brushed my teeth with bottled water, I didn’t eat unpeeled fruit, raw veggies and I almost never took ice. What I thought was very good is, that you can eat vegetarian and very often vegan almost everywhere. During our trip, I tried to eat almost only vegetarian. By the time we needed to go back home, everyone got tired of the Thai food because becaue it’s often the same but now that I am home for three days, I would already be able to eat it again!

I can conclude that Thailand is really worth it and I would recommend everyone to go. I already miss it!