Why and how I started practicing yoga

Like my instagram followers probably already noticed, I am often busy practicing yoga lately. But why is that so suddenly? That I will tell you in this blogpost.

During the exams I suffer a lot from stress. I thought it would be a good idea to try to practice some yoga before I went to bed so I could become more relaxed. I followed @debbe_the_chocoholic on instagram for a while. She is often practicing yoga and I asked her if she maybe had some tips. She recommended me to do the Kino yoga beginner challenge and so I did. Unfortunately I only managed to do half of the challenge because I stopped after the exams. At the moment I have exams again and I picked up yoga again. I started the beginner yoga challenge again and I am more than halfway now. I enjoy it more and more and I think I will go for it this time.


Not only did I wanted to become more relaxed, I also wanted to become more flexible. I never stretch after a training which is very bad (yes I know). I think stretching is just so boring. That’s why yoga seemed like a good solution. I noticed very fast that my flexibility increased.


I also saw yoga challenges on instagram very often. It seemed nice to join one but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do the poses so I didn’t. Eventually I began joining the challenges on instagram. I am happy to tell you that there are always alternatives for beginners when something wouldn’t work for you. If you are doubting to participate in a challenge I would say: go for it!


Another advantage of yoga is that you need a lot of strength. I didn’t expect a few poses would ask so much strength! Sometimes I feel all my muscles shaking.


The last advantage yoga gives me are beautiful pictures! At first I was a little bit afraid that my followers wouldn’t like my yoga pictures but I think it’s an easy way to be original. I also think it’s nicer to post pictures on which I show something I can do than all the ‘I do weightlifting look at my muscles pictures’. I train on my own most of the time so most of pictures were mirror selfies.

Are you doubting to start practicing yoga? I would say: give it a try. You only know if you would like it if you try. By the way, don’t give up immediately because the beginning is always a bit harder. Give yourself a few weeks time.

To conclude I can say that I am sold. Yoga helps me to relax and I have the feeling I am becoming stronger and more flexible.





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