Healthy sweet ice coffee

With the warm weather I sometimes need something cold. That’s why I make ice coffee sometimes. Delicious and low in calories! In this blogpost I share the super simple recipe with you.

Macros for one cup: 94kcal 10c/3f/7p

What do you need? (For 1 person)Β 

  • 1 ice tube tray (for 6 ice tubes)
  • 1 big espresso
  • 1 cup of milk
  • Stevia fluid

How do you make it?

  1. Put the espresso in the ice tube tray. Let everything cool down and put the ice tubes in the freezer.
  2. When the ice cubes are frozen, put them in a big cup.
  3. Pour the milk over the ice cubes.
  4. Put 4 drops of stevia in the milk (I prefer my ice coffee very sweet but of course you can put less or more stevia in it).
  5. Wait a moment until the ice cubes have melted a little bit and drink up! When I finished my ice coffee and my ice cubes are not fully melted yet, I put milk in it again so I can drink 2 ice coffees.

I hope you find it delicious!



Throwback FIBO 2017

Like most of you will know I went to FIBO for the first time two weeks ago. In this blogpost I will write what I thought of it.

Last year I already wanted to go to FIBO but I wasn’t into bodybuidling for a long time yet and I didn’t even know (or I knew too late) that FIBO existed. I was still a little jealous when I saw that other people met their fitnessidols on FIBO. That’s why I decided that I would go the next year.

I was looking forward to this fitness event for some time. I expected it to be very big. I went to FIBO especially to be able to meet my idols but I didn’t plan to stand in line for someone for a long period of time. I think those people are still normal people. Standing in line for hours to be able to meet someone once I think is a little bit too much. That’s the reason I didn’t go to Michelle Lewin. I also was a little afraid to be disappointed because my fitness idols might be feeling better than everyone else in real life. Luckily, this was not the case.


The people I went to were Denice Moberg, Jessica Lauren and Anniek Van Keulen. I was expecting that I would have to queue for Denice but apparently, this was not the case! I thought Denice was really super sweet and cute. She even gave me a protein bar! Next to that, she put a picture from us together on her instastory with a heart and a little video where you could see me.
Like you see I am with Jessica and Anniek in one picture. Maybe it sounds a little weird but when I wrapped my arm around them, their waistes felt so tight! They looked amazing. After I had taken a picture, I told them I follow them on instagram and I thanked them for the motivation they give me on a daily basis. They reacted very friendly.
There were other people I wanted to meet as well like Nochtli, Savannah Prez and Yanita Yancheva but apparently, I just missed them all three.


Next to my fitness idols, there were of course a lot of boots with whatever that has to do a even a little bit with fitness. I wanted to buy something from MyProtein and GymQueen but unfortunately, both boots were way too busy when I passed by. At Gymshark I maybe wanted to buy something as well but unfortunately, almost everything was sold. FIBO was very big but actually less big than I expected. In a few hours we had really seen everything and we quicly went to The Cologne Cathedral.

Do I want to go back next year? No doubt! One day certainly is enought but I am very happy I went. When I a home again, I really afterglowed for a little bit. Especially because I met some of my fitness idols. I suddenly had even more motivation to go for my goals, certainly now when I had been able to see in ‘real life’ what you all can accomplish if you work hard. In the past, I never understood how people can be so obsessively fan ofΒ someone but now I understand a little bit better. My idols accomplished things that I would really want to accomplish and it’s so motivating to see. I find it even more motivating when they even seem to have a nice character in real life.

Conclusion: I enjoyed it. See you next year, FIBO!