How I lost 9kg

In this blogpost I will reveal how I was able to lose 9g(20lbs).

I started working out with the Bikini Body Guide from Kayla itsines. I didn’t follow her meal plan but I tried to eat especially no candy. I got results but after a while, it didn’t seem to work anymore. At my ‘heaviest’ I weighed around 66kg (I am 1m67). I was never really fat but still I felt very insecure. Eventually, I decided to begin with weightlifting and I bought a meal plan. I followed this meal plan for 2 months. I think I lost around 2kg (4,4lbs) in those 2 months. I also lifted weights and did cardio everyday. In the weekend unfortunately, I still binged quite often.

After following the meal plan for 2 months, I started with Flexible Dieting. I looked up everything myself about it. Flexible dieting has really helped me with portion control. I learned to find a good balace betweed healthy eating and enjoying an ice cream sometimes. I still binged but less and less frequently. I still lifted weights and did cardio six times a week. In August I eventually reached my goal weight (57kg/126lbs). I needed seven months to lose 9kg(20lbs). I know the scale is not a good method for everyone to measure your progress but for me it worked and I never really had problems with the number on the scale. I just knew about how much weight I had to lose to feel good about myself. I also kept being realistic and looked at my goals weekly and not in the long term. A lot of small goals, can lead you to one big goal the easiest!

My goal was to lose around 500 grams per week. Later, this became 300 grams per week. I chose very consciously not to lose weight fast. I did this because it was more attainable and because I was going for a lifestyle, not for a ‘quick fix’. There were weeks I didn’t lose weight or even gained weight but I never let myself be discouraged. Every 12-14 weeks, I also took a break for one week where I just tried to maintain my weight. It always gave me new motivation to go for it again. A break is also good to turn your metabolism on again, so you will lose weight more easily.

When I reached my goal, I was just going off for a holiday so this was ofcourse ideal. Unfortunately, on my holiday, I didn’t watch my food and I gained some weight again. Luckily I already knew how to get it off again. I tried to never let myself feel guilty because I ate too much or cheated too much because I would eat even more when I get down. Also, I never did ‘guilty cardio’. I thought it was important not to hang on to a bad feeling.

In January, I decided to try to gain weight for the first time so I would get more muscle. In the beginning, I thought it was a unpleasant thought because I was scared that all my work would have been for nothing and I would become ‘more fat’ again. Nothing was less true.  I already gained 4kg(9lbs) and actually, I don’t see that much of a difference. I look a little bit ‘fuller’ now but not like I used to be. I can now see that my body looks more muscular and more thight. I don’t feel less happy at all than when I weighed 57kg, maybe I even feel  better! I enjoy eating a lot, haing energy which I can use for my training and I love the fact that my muscles are growing. Losing weight can make you feel better about yourself but mental progress is at least equally important. It is important that you find your balance and that you don’t exaggerate with anything.

My process of losing weight was very slow but I didn’t have a problem with that at all. I found my way to a healthy lifestyle and that’s the most important thing for me. I feel so much better about myself now! Do you want help to achieve your goals? You can always ask me tips, I really like to help people!




My top 5 fitness idols

Like every girl who loves fitness, I have people I look up to very much. In this blogpost I will tell you who are the most important ones.

  1. Kayla Itsines (@Kayla_Itines)


My very first fitness idol was Kayla Itsines because her program was the first program I followed. Before starting her program I used some machines in the gym but nothing consistent. What I think is very beautiful about Kayla Itsines is that she really wants to make women stronger, physically and mentally. Besides that, she posts progress pictures of women following her fitness guides who have gotten great results almost everyday. She also makes sure everyone comes into the spotlight once.

2. Dorine (@DorineFitt)


The second model I started looking up to was Dorine. I had been following her for a while and I saw she was making a lot of progress. She was different than Kayla Itsines, more muscular and actually I wanted to get a fuller look than Kayla Itsines. I also got a little tired of her fitness guides and wanted to try lifting real weights. Dorine was actually the only one I knew a little who did it, so I asked her for help.  Here we are a year later and I think she made a lot of progress. Yesterday, she competed for the first time and she ended second! I really look up to her for her perseverance and she really has a killer-body!

3. Amanda Finnie (@AmandaFinniee)


Amanda Finnie actually has a little bit the body of my dreams. She is the same age as me and I think it’s crazy she already has accomplished so much at this age. Some time ago I decided to do intuitive eating instead of tracking everything. When I was still doubting, I saw on Amanda’s profile that she has never tracked, neither counted calories. When I saw that, I decided to go for it because if she could accomplish this without tracking, then I can do that too, right?

4. Ray Sedrak (@the_nattyprofessor)


Ray Sedrak is actually the only male fitness role model I really look up to. Mostly I look up to women because I can associate myself better with them. For me, Ray is very special because he taught me so much! He gives super interesting information almost daily on his Snapchat and in his Instagram captions. Most of the time, this information tells about flexible dieting but also about training, supplements. etc. I tried different things he said and I was never able to say he wasn’t right about something! He is also very friendly. I contacted him a few times and he always answers. The coolest thing he ever did was he once gave me a shout-out. I was really happy!

5. Lauren Drain (@laurendrainfit)


Lauren Drain is one of the most popular fitness models in my opinion. Her pictures are a little spicy sometimes but I like that she is interactive with her followers. She once liked a picture of me and gave me a shout-out on Snapchat! What I also like about her is that she tries to not care about what others think. This isn’t easy of course. She used to be insecure about her quads because they are very muscular but I think it’s beautiful!

So, this was my top 5. I hope I can meet some of my fitness idols at FIBO. Are you going to FIBO? Which fitness idols do you look up to? I am curious!