Throwback FIBO 2017

Like most of you will know I went to FIBO for the first time two weeks ago. In this blogpost I will write what I thought of it.

Last year I already wanted to go to FIBO but I wasn’t into bodybuidling for a long time yet and I didn’t even know (or I knew too late) that FIBO existed. I was still a little jealous when I saw that other people met their fitnessidols on FIBO. That’s why I decided that I would go the next year.

I was looking forward to this fitness event for some time. I expected it to be very big. I went to FIBO especially to be able to meet my idols but I didn’t plan to stand in line for someone for a long period of time. I think those people are still normal people. Standing in line for hours to be able to meet someone once I think is a little bit too much. That’s the reason I didn’t go to Michelle Lewin. I also was a little afraid to be disappointed because my fitness idols might be feeling better than everyone else in real life. Luckily, this was not the case.


The people I went to were Denice Moberg, Jessica Lauren and Anniek Van Keulen. I was expecting that I would have to queue for Denice but apparently, this was not the case! I thought Denice was really super sweet and cute. She even gave me a protein bar! Next to that, she put a picture from us together on her instastory with a heart and a little video where you could see me.
Like you see I am with Jessica and Anniek in one picture. Maybe it sounds a little weird but when I wrapped my arm around them, their waistes felt so tight! They looked amazing. After I had taken a picture, I told them I follow them on instagram and I thanked them for the motivation they give me on a daily basis. They reacted very friendly.
There were other people I wanted to meet as well like Nochtli, Savannah Prez and Yanita Yancheva but apparently, I just missed them all three.


Next to my fitness idols, there were of course a lot of boots with whatever that has to do a even a little bit with fitness. I wanted to buy something from MyProtein and GymQueen but unfortunately, both boots were way too busy when I passed by. At Gymshark I maybe wanted to buy something as well but unfortunately, almost everything was sold. FIBO was very big but actually less big than I expected. In a few hours we had really seen everything and we quicly went to The Cologne Cathedral.

Do I want to go back next year? No doubt! One day certainly is enought but I am very happy I went. When I a home again, I really afterglowed for a little bit. Especially because I met some of my fitness idols. I suddenly had even more motivation to go for my goals, certainly now when I had been able to see in ‘real life’ what you all can accomplish if you work hard. In the past, I never understood how people can be so obsessively fan of┬ásomeone but now I understand a little bit better. My idols accomplished things that I would really want to accomplish and it’s so motivating to see. I find it even more motivating when they even seem to have a nice character in real life.

Conclusion: I enjoyed it. See you next year, FIBO!